Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Deconstructing Brad Pitt cover concepts

Look at these lovely cover concepts for the Brad Pitt book!

These concepts are by the brilliant Nancy Bernardo, who also designed the award winning cover of the now rare Checking In / Checking Out.

My partner remarked on the 'architectural' feel of these covers, and this is exactly one of the valences that the title term 'deconstructing' is meant to play off of.

Seeing these covers makes me eager to dive back into the book and finish it.  I'm in the process of editing the chapters, which come from a range of scholars and fields; and then this summer I've got to buckle down and write my own chapter & an introduction to the book.  I'd also like to include an interview with Mr. Pitt himself; we'll see if I can swing that.

As the book comes together over this spring and into the summer, I'll post more about it here.