Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A few more recent things

Okay, a few more recent things:

Ian Bogost and I have been developing a very exciting new series of books and essays called Object Lessons. Ian made a lovely teaser poster for the series. The full site with information for submitting proposals will be live, with any luck, by early June. 

Over the past couple months I've written three brief book reviews for the New Orleans Review, where I'm the new book review editor. One is a review of a favorite (and out of print) book I read as a kid; another is of a thoroughly enjoyable place-based exploration of New York by Justin Nobel; and the third is of a newly published transcript of a fascinating interview with Michel Foucault conducted in 1968. Have you read something recently that you'd like to write about? Or is there something new coming out that you'd like to read with an eye to review? I'm happy to consider all sorts of reviews of new and revisited books, either in short form or essay format.

I wrote a very short piece for The Rumpus "readers report back" column—scroll down to the fifth entry to see mine. This piece is sad and serious, playful yet loaded with bigger questions that I'm puzzling over in other contexts.

I'm up in Michigan now, working on my writing projects while also getting out into the woods and taking walks on the shoreline. Here's the satellite view of where I am: