Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fly Tying and Building for Flight

a deceiver I tied last spring

I wrote about tying flies in an age of unraveling, for Sierra magazine. My chapter in the new book Veer Ecology elaborates on my obsession with fishing. It has been strange and challenging, but also fun, to write about something that is so close to me, personally—something I've had and done since I was a kid, but which has always felt somewhat distant from my more scholarly interests (whatever that means).

I also wrote about teaching a weird piece of airport futurism, for 3:AM Magazine. As I've been traveling to our NEH Institute workshops over this academic year, I've been watching the new New Orleans airport emerge from the swamp. I hope to learn more about this edifice under construction, and perhaps even take my students out there and get a tour of the project in process, this coming semester or maybe next fall. For now, it exists as an eerie sideshow each time my planes taxi out to the runway, a glimpse of the as yet unrealized future, right before takeoff.

the new New Orleans airport underway