Thursday, May 31, 2012

Theory for Airports

photo courtesy of J. Ryan Williams                 

1. Fear and Ticketing

2. Being In Time

3. Hardt & Negri International Terminal

4. Theses on Cinnabon

5. The Task of the TSA Agent

6. Security Checkpoint, or Bodies That Don't Matter

7. Dialectic of Moving Walkways

8. The Categorical Imperative To Wait

9. Thus Spake Richard Branson

10. The René Descartes Departure Lounge

11. The Phenomenology of Spirit Airlines

12. A Thousand Concourses

13. Passenger Network Theory

14. The David Hume Nondenominational Chapel

15. The Poetics of Spacing Out

16. Ludwig Wittgenstein Room for Unaccompanied Minors

17. The Work of Art in the Age of Really Long Escalators

18. The Maurice Merleau-Ponty Observation Area

19. When Species Meet in Airports

20. Emmanuel Levinas Food Court

21. Structure, Sign, and Plane

22. Democracy in American Airlines

23. Can the Stand-by Speak?

24. Tractatus Theologico Upgrade Us

25. The Anxiety of Enplaning

26. The Sublime Object of Carry-on Luggage

27. Discourse in the Jetway

28. "You can never step twice into the same Airbus."

29. The Second Roller-bag

30. Seat Pitch and Bare Life

31. What is the Post-departure?

32. Delay and Punish

33. SkyMall and Simulacra

34. The Well Wrought Seat-back Pocket

35. The Banality of Emergency Exits

36. On Boredom and Being Late

37. How to Do Things with Boarding Passes

38. Pedagogy of the Deplaned

39. The Cultural Logic of Late Arrivals

40. Welcome to the Airport of the Real

41. The Mirror Stage as Formative of the Family Restroom

42. Leibniz-Keks Kiosk

43. Structures of Feeling Jet-lagged

44. Boeing and Nothingness

45. Signature Event Currency Exchange 

46. Plato's Baggage Claim

47. Course in General Lingering

48. Curbside Lucida